LG 13.3in Notebook To Sport Hybrid Hard Drive

Fast booting and decent capacity.

In the crazy drive to cram a solid state disk into just about every small notebook possible, hybrid hard drives seem to have been left by the wayside. Except, it seems, by LG as it is about to jump on the 13.3in notebook bandwagon and will be including a 160GB hybrid drive with 256MB of flash memory.

The base spec is fairly impressive too, with a Core 2 T7500 2.2GHz, 2GB of RAM and graphics power provided by an ATI X1250. The panel’s resolution is an unsurprising 1,280 x 800, although HDMI output is provided for connecting to a TV if wanted. Interestingly, LG claims it weighs around 1.3Kg, probably sans battery, which is quite impressive for the form factor.

As we’ve already conceded, 13.3in notebooks aren’t exactly the most portable, compared to such offerings as, say, Sony’s TZ, so keeping most of the advantages of SSD while also having the capacity benefit of a conventional hard drive makes sense. Pricing is set at the equivalent of about £830, but no actual UK release date is yet set.

Akihabara News.