Leopard Unleashed

Goes on sale today.

Yep, it’s ”that” day…

26 October marks the official release of Mac OS X 10.5 ‘Leopard’ the sixth major release of the OS X platform. It adds a raft of new features which I have absolutely no desire to outline yet again (read about them here) and is expected to tempt PC users (rightly) disappointed with Vista.

Described by Steve Jobs as “the best upgrade we’ve ever released”, there is a certain irony that – like Vista – Leopard is being widely seen as an evolution rather than revolution. Unlike Microsoft’s derided operating system however the specs required to run Leopard aren’t particularly high with any Intel equipped Mac up to the job or PowerPC G5 or G4.

Prices for Leopard aren’t too bad either, though the five user ‘Family Pack’ is the sweet spot at £129 compared to the hefty £85 being asking for a single user.

We’ll be covering Leopard in more detail on Monday once Apple has given its full UK press briefing (anticipate a review soon too) but if you’re feeling impatient check out the OS’s guided tour at its main site.

Will Leopard be enough to make PC users cross that ever stylish white line? If not, Vista should be…

Leopard Home Page