Lenovo’s Z5 won’t be the world’s first all-screen phone after all

After teasing the world with the prospect of an all-screen phone free from any kind of display notch, Lenovo has finally revealed the Z5, and it’s packing a pretty familiar display design. 

Sure, Lenovo might be claiming that the notch is narrower than its Apple and Xiaomi competitors, but it’s still absolutely present, despite what its initial renders and concepts suggested.

Elsewhere the Z5 is a typical handset for 2018, albeit one with a modest starting price of 1299 yuan (around £150) for the 6GB RAM / 64GB storage model.

It’s got a 6.2-inch 19:9 1080p screen, a 3300mAh battery, and an 8-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 processor. All pretty standard specs for a 2018 mid-range device.

So far a western release hasn’t been announced, but the Lenovo Z5 will be coming to Chine on June 12th.

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Where did the notch come from?

It all sounded like Lenovo had its notch-less display in the bag. It spent weeks teasing a multitude of innovations that it suggested would make this mobile holy grail possible.

The firm previously promised 95% screen-to-body ratio which would be achieved through 18 patented technologies, but the announcement saw this downgraded to 90%. It seems Lenovo couldn’t quite crack finding a place for the selfie camera and the various sensors.

Previously, Vivo revealed plans to reveal a full-screen handset with a pop-out selfie camera on June 12 — which is the day the Z5 will become available to buy.

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