Lenovo ThinkPads To Get Linux Option

Novell's SUSE flavour Linux to be precise.

Considering how much we applauded Dell for choosing to offer Ubuntu Linux on a range of its systems, we can’t really do anything less for Lenovo. In keeping with its business oriented stance, the ThinkPad ‘T’ Series will be getting the option to have SUSE Enterprise Desktop installed by default. Novell claims that its Linux solution offers 90 per cent of Vistas features for as little as a tenth of the cost. With SUSE Server solutions a popular choice in the industry we can see this being a big hit.

Unlike Dell’s move, which came slightly out of the blue, Lenovo has a history of supporting Linux installs on its products and of joint development with Novell on improving compatibility with SUSE. Along with the base install of the SUSE operating system, a web browser and e-mail client and OpenOffice will also be installed.

As we found out last November, using Linux on a work machine doesn’t hamper productivity at all. Notebooks with the new OS will be available from Q4 and you can expect a reasonable discount on the Windows variant. SUSE you sir!

Lenovo press release

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