Lenovo Teases ‘Pocket Yoga’

Small, wide, leather-clad mini-notebook's existence firmed up.

Sooner than might have been expected, Lenovo has – with no accompanying official word – ‘leaked’ some official tester images of its Vaio P-series style mini-notebook. The images still reveal precious little information about what’s inside the system but at least betray some indication of its intended use.

Called the Pocket Yoga, the system is definitely design-focussed with its swanky leather binding, though that’s not to say functionality has been entirely forsaken. Interestingly, the screen seems to boast a double-hinged design, enabling it to fold back in itself so that the Pocket Yoga can be used as a tablet PC, with help from a digitizer and stylus.

More pictures overleaf (so to speak).

Lenovo photo library – Pocket Yoga.

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