Lenovo Readies Stylish Touchscreen, Smartphone

Pretty, if derivative.

What do you get when you cross a Samsung Touchwiz UI with a Sony Ericsson Xperia? Apparently a Red Dot design award…

Yep those clever chaps at Lenovo have a trophy for their mantle piece with the arrival of the ‘X1’ a metallic hybrid smartphone despite its rather strong industry ‘influences’.

Inside little has been revealed about the, admittedly handsome, handset but we do know there’s a 3.2in touchscreen display in there with a (s)Touchwiz(/s) ‘Touch Dream’ interface, GPS and microSD expansion slot. At just 115m x 55m x 12.5mm it’s slim too but talk is at the expense of (criminally omitted) 3G.

Another potential deal breaker is the (s)Touchwiz(/s) ‘Touch Dream’ UI is essentially pretty wallpaper covering the almighty crack that is Windows Mobile 6.1 underneath and the Winterface shell looks to do a better job – for pennies.

Unsurprisingly launching in China first, a European release for the X1 is probably no more than 50/50. Giving its stylistic inspirations and strict copyright law in these parts however that may be for the best. Speaking of which, I have this rather cool play I wrote called ‘Romeo and Juliet’ – can I have a Pulitzer…?

Product Page (Google translated)

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