Lenovo Launches World’s Greenest LCD

Birds sing, bunnies rejoice, Hummers cry.

It’s (s)increasingly trendy(/s) good to be green…

I said way back in my CeBIT 2006 coverage that the environment would be the next battlefield for consumer electronics and following the world’s greenest HDD earlier this week, Lenovo (already voted Greenest IT company by Greenpeace) has taken bragging rights for the World’s greenest monitor: the ‘L193p’.

As you would expect for such a device it isn’t a monster (19 inches) but does come with DVI HDCP enabled connectivity and is the first display to achieve an Gold rating. Proof {linkout:http://www.epeat.net/SearchResults.aspx?ProductType=2&rating=3 here if you’re interested.

To earn this distinguished otter cuddling badge the L193p met all 23 required criteria as well as more than 20 of EPEAT’s 28 optional criteria. It is also the first product in EPEAT’s registry to use more than 25 per cent post consumer recycled content in its plastic parts.

Aside from all this tree hugging, Lenovo has also announced the L190x another 19 incher but its distinguishing feature is that it has the slimmest bezel in the industry at just 6.6mm. Like the L193p it isn’t widescreen but Lenovo is promoting it for multi-screen setups claiming twice the viewing area of a 27in monitor for less cost.

Both screens will appear next month with the L193p retailing for $299 (approx. £150) and the L190x a more hefty $379 (£190). Swampy Lenovo’s thinking of you…

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