Lenovo IdeaPad S10-2 with Internal 3G Spotted

Manual reveals forthcoming SKU.

Lenovo looks to be the next netbook manufacturer with a model packing integrated 3G, in the form of the successor to the IdeaPad S10. While not officially official yet (so to speak) the netbook has been leaked to Lenovo’s site by way of a PDF user guide.

The S10-2 is more of a revision that an out-and-out replacement. The hardware is a little tweaked to accommodate the HSDPA module, sacrificing the S10’s ExpressCard slot and the port layout is shifted. Ethernet is now on the left, not the right, alongside a USB port, audio connectors and the D-SUB video output. The S10-2’s front edge sports an SDHC card reader and the right houses the power input and two further USB ports.

The S10-2’s SIM card slot is hidden behind the netbook’s battery, with the latter’s removal required to get at the former. While it could be argued its annoying not to have easier access, it shouldn’t be often a SIM card in a laptop would need to be removed anyway.

Alas, no word on pricing or a release date – this is only a manual after all – but it seems likely Lenovo will have the details to hand soon.