Lenovo Exposes IdeaCentre C110

Another Atom-based all-in-one débuts.

Lenovo is probably best renowned for the eminently desirable ThinkPad range of laptops, but there are plenty of other strings to its bow. Take the Atom-based IdeaCentre C110, spotted by Gizmodo, for example.

The 20in all-in-one sports a similar design to alternatives such as the Shuttle XVision X50 and Asus Eee Top, though from the limited imagery available I’m inclined to suggest it looks a little snazzier.

A 1.6GHz Atom CPU, either 1GB or 2GB of RAM and an 80GB to 160GB hard drive are the specs we’d expect for such a system so no shocks there. A DVD drive is present and both Wi-Fi and built-in webcam are options – though only the latter seems like a should-have upgrade. The system as launched initially will run Windows Vista, but apparently Lenovo is set on releasing a touch-screen equipped version running Windows 7 eventually.

The Vista C110 is said to be launching this month in the US, starting at “around $400.” No UK-centric details are available as yet, but if you cross your fingers and really want it hard enough we might just see a release this side of the pond.