Lenovo Constant Connect Launched

Offline BlackBerry email syncing for ThinkPads.

Chances are, if you have a ThinkPad you’re also the sort of corporate chap or (chap-ess for that matter) that has a BlackBerry and probably also want your email synchronised between the two – even when your notebook isn’t connected to the Internet. If you do fall into that category, Lenovo Constant Connect could prove the answer you’ve been looking for.

The device, apparently two years in development, fits into an ExpressCard slot and, backed up by software installed on the BlackBerry to be synced, transfers emails over Bluetooth between phone and notebook. Where it gets clever is that this process can take place with either the notebook or the phone turned off, or disconnected from a network.

The card itself boasts 500MB of storage space and occasionally polls for synced BlackBerrys, even when the ThinkPad into which it is plugged isn’t running. Email received on the handset is cached in the Lenovo Constant Connect card and transferred into the notebook’s email client once powered on. Likewise, emails sent with the notebook offline are stored on the card and, transferred to any connected BlackBerry once a connection is available to send the message(s).

Admittedly the only innovative step is enabling these syncs to occur with the notebook turned off – using a phone to send data from a laptop is pretty old hat these days. Nonetheless, the hands-off nature of Lenovo’s approach has a certain appeal to it.

No UK pricing as yet; US buyers will be splashing out $150 (~£105).


Video via CNET.

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