‘Legacy’ HD DVD Support On Plextor Blu-ray Drives

Makes you feel a little better if you backed the wrong one...

HD DVD appears to be dead to everyone other than Plextor.

This week the optical drive specialist unleashed two new high-end drives, the ‘B300SA’ and ‘B920SA’ both targeting format war winner Blu-ray but also with HD DVD support.

No doubt intended as bridging products, the pair can read Toshiba’s defunct format at 3x while also reading Blu-ray at 6x with the latter offering 4x write. BD-R, BD-RE, BD-ROM and BDMV Blu-ray formats are all compatible along with 16x DVD+R/-R burning, 4x for dual layer DVDs, 5x for DVD-RAM and 40x and 24x for CD-R and CD-RW respectively.

The duo use SATA connections and feature LightScribe technology for the etching of titles and/or designs directly onto the disc (with compatible media).

We can expect to see each before the end of the month with the B300SA retailing for $450 and the B920SA going for $600. Given such models would have been double, or even triple the price just 12 months ago it looks the death of HD DVD may have a positive effect on our wallets – unless, that is, you plumped for HD DVD hardware in the first place…

B920SA Product Page
B300SA Product Page