Leaked Launch Docs Reveal Palm Pre Arrival

Could it launch just days ahead of a new iPhone? What a month June is shaping up to be!

I like the Palm Pre – a lot. At CES I was lucky enough to become the only member of TR to grab some genuine hands-on time with the handset and wrote a hugely positive First Impressions review. In fact the one downside has been the subsequent wait, but could it soon be over…

If the leaked documents obtained by BGR stand-up then the answer is a strong ”yes”. The site claims to have obtained an internal memo from Palm which claims final meetings will be held on 3 June to address employee concerns, followed by a network briefing and ‘Launch Lunch’ on 4 June. Presumably from here a formal release should happen within days.

Interestingly, this timeframe ties perfectly with some rumours last week about a limited release of the handset through US mega chain Best Buy on – yep – 7 June. The move may also come just in the nick of time given the third generation iPhone(s) expected to be announced at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference on 8 June. How this will relate to a UK/European release we don’t know but it looks like we’re in for an exciting week!

Now the big question everyone has asked me since testing out this stunning handset is Pre or iPhone? As an iPhone owner it’s an easy answer: Palm Pre! This handset simply blows the iPhone 3G out the water with smoother, faster operation, even more responsive multi-touch and it is happy to run scores of programmes simultaneously making apps like IMs or VoIP clients actually useful.

That said, whether the Pre is better than whatever Apple lined up for WWDC 2009 is another question entirely. Of course if it isn’t revolutionary then I know what I’ll be Pre-ordering… (sorry, couldn’t resist).

via BGR

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