Latest TomTom Promises To Talk-the-Talk

Will its constant natter stop you looking down or drive you potty?

This is either genius or madness…

At the moment I remain undecided, but as an innovator TomTom has walked down the dangerous path of freely chattering devices. That’s right, with its latest concoction, the ‘ONE XL-S’, the GPS specialist is conquering the latest driving terror our (nanny) government says is threatening our very lives: looking down.

Yes, for years we have been looking down to the adjust the stereo and, heck, even looking left to talk to a passenger should we feel really crazy, but those days are long gone my friends – we aren’t safe doing this anymore. Especially considering our cars are only far stronger, safer and more responsive than they were during the times glancing left or down was allowed.

Anyhow, rant aside, the ‘S’ edition will aim to sneak into our good graces by automatically reading out directions, road names and places along a planned route. In theory this should prove very useful though I’m not great at having my automotive acoustics interrupted by “That’s the M1 on your left, don’t take that. On your right is a petrol station – pull over there if your car is low on fuel. See the A406 ahead – make sure you don’t go down that. Oooh look, Eros!”

Speech apart, the ONE XL-S will be identical to the ONE XL which we reviewed very favourably in July. The S is set to retail for a £50 premium when it launches towards the end of the month, so best be sure you ”really” want it.

That said, it should come in handy when the government implements a compulsory blinkers-for-drivers rule. You laugh now…