Latest Krups coffee machine lets you choose from 17 one-touch drinks

Fancy yourself as a bit of a barista? Well, we’re betting that the new Krups EA9010 has you beat, as it brings 17 one-touch coffee choices to your kitchen counter.

Krups’ latest high-end bean to cup coffee machine, the new EA9010 features an integrated full colour touchscreen display to let users easily select between nine black and white coffee options, with the simple one-touch system doing all the hard work for you.

From grinding the beans and heating the water to pouring the perfect measure, the EA9010 has it all covered. All you have to do is add milk.

“With our top-of-the-range EA9010, we are turning the customer’s home into the world’s finest coffee bar,” Krups spokesperson Dominik Pytel, said in unveiling the new device. “We want to transport customers to Sicily when they drink a Doppio, New York when they enjoy an Americano or Germany when they sip their Milchkaffee.”

For those not happy with the 17 one-touch pre-sets, the Krups has bestowed the EA9010 with the ability to let you personalise your coffees.

Letting you create your own user profiles – eight profiles can be stored, each with eight favourite recipes – selecting your profile will bring up your favourite blends and brews, water hardness and temperature setting.

With an adjustable coffee dispenser ensuring your favourite mug is not banished to the back of the cupboard, a pump capable of 15 bars of pressure is said to ensure the perfect extraction of flavour and aroma from the beans.

The usual cup warming tray and drip trays feature on the EA9010, while the automatic rinsing of the steam nozzle means you have even less cleaning up to worry about. A 1.7 litre water reservoir means your morning coffee won’t be delayed by the constant need to refill.

As impressive as this coffee maker sounds, it might be cheaper to head down to your local Starbucks every morning, The Krups EA9010 price has been set at a premium £1,299.

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