Latest FIFA 15 gameplay video showcases increased emotions

The latest FIFA 15 gameplay video showcases the increased emotions present in this year’s iteration of the football simulator.

Although there were some elements of emotional reactions in FIFA 14, apparently FIFA 15 is taking it all up a notch in an attempt to make the gameplay feel even more realistic.

“In FIFA 15, we’ve replicated a huge number of emotions players demonstrate on the pitch and fans experience in the stands, meaning the tone of the game can change drastically as you play through a match,” explains EA Sports.

Apparently all 22 players are connected throughout a whole match emotionally, thanks to FIFA 15’s emotional intelligence feature.

This means that each player has an emotional reaction to the events that happen throughout the match. Whether that’s a positive or negative reaction is all down to the way the game is played.

For example, if one play is continually missing goal chances, his teammates might becoming increasingly frustrated with his performance and visually demonstrate their disappointment.

However, if he suddenly pulls a last minute goal out of the bag, you’ll be able to experience the new 10-player celebration that sees the striker bundled by his team mates.

There are over 600 new emotional animations to experience and you’ll no doubt notice them at pivotal moments in the game.

As for the crowds, FIFA 15 has a new dynamic match presentation feature that makes the crowds really react to the outcomes of the match.

Crowds are distinguished by the chants and songs they sing, which you’ll recognise by the club, league or region.

The commentators also pick up on the new actions carried out by the fans in the stands, which can be triggered by special match events.

EA Sports has set the FIFA 15 release date for September 26 on the PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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