Lamborghini’s stunning Urus is the most powerful SUV ever

After years of waiting Lamborghini has finally unveiled the Urus, an SUV that’s sports extravagant Italian flair and a rampaging powertrain.

Lambo teased the Urus concept way back in 2012, and despite it getting the attention of petrolheads around the world, there was nothing to guarantee the Audi-owned company would ever release what looked like a mash-up between a Ranger Rover Evoque and a Lamborghini Gallardo.

But it’s clear Lamborghini never gave up on the concept and has managed to turn it into a SUV that people with deep pockets will be able to buy come Spring 2018.

Impressively, a lot of the design cues from the concept have made it over to the 2019 Urus. It has an aggressive angular front end, evocative of the stealth bomber-like Aventador, with a swept back roof and sharp lines the run from the car’s front to rear, likely offering the Urus some aerodynamics to match its performance.

Speaking of that, the Urus has a 4-litre twin-trubo V8 engine that kicks out a huge 650bhp and 850Nm of torque, which when sent through the eight-speed automatic transmission is enough to fire it to 62mph in 3.6 seconds.

Top speed is clocked at a Porsche 911 bothering190mph. So the Urus is fast; sports car fast.

But the Urus also offers a healthy slice of luxury on the inside to counterbalance its charging bull-esque performance.

Sumptuous leather seats and trim tick the high-end SUV boxes, while a digital dashboard and a dual touchscreen infotainment system takes care of the tech side of things. In typical Lambo fashion, the vents and switches are angular and convey a sense of automotive drama amidst the luxury – you’re not going to mistake the Urus’ interior for that of a Porsche Macan.

But if you want an Urus, you’ll need a spare £131,000, which is a tad cheaper than the baby-Lambo Huracan, but hardly affordable to all. If you can afford it, then the Urus is offering a chance to get behind the wheel of the world’s fasted SUV.

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