Lamborghini Follows Ferrari Into Notebooks

From the pitstop to the laptop.

When Acer debuted the Ferrari notebook it really did a top notch job of living up to the famous name. Now the pressure is on Asus who has sided with arch rival Lamborghini.


Available in both yellow and black (like the most popular models of the cars themselves), the specially mirror painted finish certainly makes them look the part. The distinctive Charging Bull also hammers home the point that this is something a little out of the ordinary.

Sadly, at this stage specs are not yet available but we do know Asus will be building the machines around Intel’s Yonah and Napa next generation Centrino platform. Bags of dual core power, a hefty stack of RAM are promised and the only doubt that remains is whether this will be a hefty gaming system or more slimmed down all-rounder. Consequently pricing is also a closely guarded secret, but with so much new technology spinning out on the streets right now I can’t imagine the wait will be a long.


Incidentally, Asus is actually the third manufacturer to licence a motor car company. Itronix was second with a Hummer branded notebook, but thankfully it is US only. No word on when budget manufacturers are going to start releasing their Proton, Daewoo and Lada models. Check with used car dealers for details.