Kyocera Unveils Environmentally Friendly Printers

Ozone-free, doesn't it make you just want to hug an otter...

The environment, it’s a tricky old dog. We’d all like to save it (Dubya aside) but many of us aren’t up for leaping on boats and ambushing whale trawlers or sabotaging power plants (note to self: don’t sabotage nuclear power plants) but now we can embrace the birds and kiss the bees just by swapping printer.


New from Kyocera is the company’s environmentally friendly mono laser, ‘ozone free’ FS line. It comprises four models (FS 2000D, FS 3900DN, FS 4000DN, FS 6950DN) which print at up to 45ppm and promise low noise, 1,200 dots per inch resolutions and over 25,000 pages from a single cartridge so you can pass on a mental hug to a seal upon purchase (unless you actually ”have” a seal, in which case you can give it a physical hug. I always wanted to have a seal for a pet… anyhow, I digress).

Building upon this generous cartridge life is also the primary part of Kyocera’s eco-friendly approach: it has managed to dump the ozone filter common to most laser printers. Instead it gets around thinning the atmosphere and thus slaughtering us all by applying a positive electrical charge directly to the rollers. Traditionally, many manufacturers still use negatively charged rollers which generate the evil gas.

On a practical note, the FS-es can also churn out a first page in as little as nine seconds, print directly from flash memory storage and hold multiple paper trays each containing up to 500 sheets (excluding the A3 format FS-6950DN which holds 250).

The line is hitting shops now with prices starting from £448 and you could do a lot worse than pick one up. If you don’t you’re single handily chopping down the rain forests, clubbing seals, harpooning whales, thinning the ozone layer and committing global genocide.

Kyocera UK

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