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Krimston Two is a dual SIM case for your iPhone

Dual SIM phones are big business in other parts of the world, but hardly any are on sale here in the UK. This case turns your iPhone into a dual SIM handset.

That means you don’t have to have a separate work phone, you can have two phone numbers on the one handset. Not only that, the Krimston Two also has a built-in battery, so will extend the battery life of your device.

Plus it has a clever feature called Smart Hotspot. This monitors the phone’s internet activity and adjusts the signal accordingly to give the phone the longest battery life possible while online.

It syncs your contacts across both SIMs, so you won’t have to remember anyone’s number.

You’ll have to download the app to use its dual SIM functionality, but it looks pretty simple to use.

Downsides? It is a bit chunky, so your slim iPhone will look like it’s been on a cake binge. Though in its defence, it’s less bulk – and hassle – than carrying a second phone around with you.

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It’s aimed at business people who have a dedicated work phone. Though that relies on their company allowing them to use the iPhone as their work phone. (In our experience, a lot of firms don’t give their employees a choice of which phone is their work handset. And it’s often an iPhone 5, or something just as old.)

It’s raised over $33,000 of a $100,000 funding goal with 21 days to go. If successful, it will ship in August.