Kodi streaming makes you safer online, says TV Addons

The people behind the controversial Kodi repository TV Addons say frequenting of its streams can actually protect viewers against the threats of malware and cryptocurrency mining.

Because the Kodi ecosystem avoids “all forms of monetisation” add-ons enable users to avoid the annoying ads associated with dodgy web-based streams.

Quite often, those insecure ads are the source of the viruses, malware and secretive currency mining that can infect PCs.

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“Anyone who’s ever tried streaming the latest TV show online has probably experienced popups, viruses and God knows what else,” the TV Addons developer says (via Beta News) on its website.

“Kodi addons are designed to scrape useful content from online sources, while leaving all the hooey behind. We define “hooey” as anything that isn’t absolutely necessary to the streaming experience: fancy web design, advertisements, promotions, upsell offers and popups. Kodi addons scrape the web site structure and streaming links, that’s it.”

Of course, the objection to TV Addons and other Kodi repositories isn’t related to the security of consumers. Movie and TV industry big wigs are desperate to shut them down and it’s nothing to do with online safety.

However, if you’re intent on obtaining content from illicit online sources, Kodi is the safest choice, TV Addons says.

The developer added: “At the end of the day, you’re definitely far safer streaming through Kodi addons as opposed to visiting sketchy online streaming sites in your web browser. Hollywood might be trying to destroy these addons, but as far as user experience goes these Kodi addons may have saved millions of people from being exposed to malware, crypto-jacking, popups and a whole lot of other “hooey.”

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