Kodi Leia update finally kills the most hated operating system ever

If you’re still soldiering on with the reviled Windows Vista operating system, Kodi has served up yet another reason to update your PC.

The forthcoming Kodi v.18 update codenamed ‘Leia’ will drop support for the unpopular 11-year-old operating system.

What’s more surprising is that Kodi actually still supported Windows Visa, last updated in 2009, until now.

With Vista still clinging to a 0.62% share of the Windows market as of February 2018 (according to statcounter), that means potentially millions of users will be excluded from the upgrade.

Of course, previous versions will still be available to Vista users.

And, given Vista users don’t really have a penchant for rushing to upgrade to the latest software, they’re unlikely to care too much.

Long time coming

Kodi actually announced it was dropping Vista in version 18 last May, but the Alpha 1 pre-release version is the first to arrive without support for the OS.

In a blog post, the company explained: “The decision was made few years ago to stop this foolish legacy support and carefully consider on what was acceptable to say goodbye to.

“The main conclusion was that ending the support from our side at the same time as the company or organisation who is behind the operating system was the obvious answer.”

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Kodi v18 will debut a number of new features, most notably the ability for Android users to make use of the Google Assistant.

It also adds DRM support (yes, you read that correctly), which it hopes will convince legitimate content providers to make use of Kodi’s reach.

The video player is also getting an overhaul, including CPU/GPU priority when in use.

However, stability and usability are the key tenets of the release, which is due to arrive later this year.

You can access a pre-release version of the software from the official download page now.

Does this news devastate you to your core? Or has it been forever since you thought about Windows Vista in any capacity? Let us know @TrustedReviews on Twitter.