Kodi crackdown intensifies with stark Crimestoppers illegal streaming warning

The Kodi crackdown has taken a fresh twist, with Crimestoppers the latest group to set its sights on the popular streaming platform and those who supply or use so-called fully loaded ‘Kodi boxes’. Here’s what you need to know.

Kodi is the target of a new anti-piracy warning, with independent UK crime-fighting organisation Crimestoppers joining a number of ISPs, copyright protection bodies, TV broadcasters, and government agencies in issuing a stark message to those who illegally stream content like sport, films and TV shows.

In a recent post backing up the launch of a new ‘National Campaign’ against illegal streaming devices, the site cautions:

“If other people pay for the content you are watching for free, then you are watching illegally. It is not a grey area: if you load-up, advertise, market, or sell dodgy streaming devices, you are committing a crime. You are breaking the law if you load up, sell or distribute dodgy streaming devices.

“Or even if you stream or access unauthorised through a dodgy hardware device, or an illegal add-on for Kodi, or illegal mobile app.”

The charity even seems to encourage right-minded UK citizens to rat out their Kodi-using neighbours, issuing the following notice:

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As we’ve noted many times before, Kodi itself is a perfectly legal piece of software. However, its open-source nature means that it’s possible – and some might even say easy – to augment the core Kodi interface with piracy-enabling addons.

Our advice on enjoying Kodi without breaking the law remains the same – and similar to that of Crimestoppers, just without the Big Brother-esque call to action.

If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. One obvious example would be seeing a link to watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi in a Kodi addon you might have downloaded.

As the film has only just hit cinemas, you can be sure that any content thereafter is pirated – but just as worryingly, you’re also potentially opening your digital gates to malware and other nasties.

Check out our guide via the link below for some awesome Kodi addons that won’t tempt you to the Dark Side.

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