Klipsch S4A Android Earphones Now Available

To reflect the growing dominance of Android in the world of

smartphone and tablets, manufacturers are beginning to bring out accessories

designed specifically for these devices. Last weeks we had Philips Android

docks and now Klipsch has made its Android-specific earphones available in the UK.

The original Image S4s from Klipsch were superb value for

their £60 price tag. Since their introduction in 2009, the Image S4i headphones

have been introduced bringing in-line remote benefits with them to iPhone users.

Now the S4As will bring all this in-line goodness to Android fans.

When the earphones were launched in August, we were told the

earphones would work with any device running Android 2.1 or higher, but Klipsch is now

telling us that you’ll need Android 2.2 or higher to get the most from these


The in-line remote will let users control the volume, play

or pause music, track forwards and backwards as well as answer/end calls, mute

the microphone and redial the last number. Klipsch also promises to allow you

use the in-built microphone for voice search and voice command.


of these functions will only be available once you’ve downloaded the free

Klipsch Control App from the Android Market which will also let you customise

certain functionality.


noise-isolating earphones come with a carry case and a range of Klipsch’s

patented oval ear tips.

The Klipsch S4As earphones are available now for £89.99.

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