Kingston Larges It With 4GB Compact Flash

Kingston has released 2GB and 4GB Compact Flash cards costing quite reasonable amounts of cash.

Kingston, the memory manufacturer has announced the immediate availability of two new compact flash cards at 2GB and 4GB capacties. The 2GB card (part number: CF/2GB-S) has a suggested retail price of £163 including VAT, while the 4GB card, (part number: CF/4GB-S) will cost around £374. Kingston is also throwing in a lifetime warranty.

This is pretty good value especially considering that once the cards hit the street, prices could well be lower. They’re not the largest cards around – Pretec has a 6GB card that you can buy here. However, it will cost you a cool £4,579.95, which seems just a tad excessive to us. Compared to that, Kingston is giving its cards away.


The cards are part of Kingston’s CompactFlash Elite Pro range and offer transfer times of 10MB/sec read and 8MB/sec write. They also offer dual voltage support at both 3.3V and 5.0V.

These capacities may seem excessive, but with the increasing demands for more storage from digital cameras and other devices, large capacity cards are always going to find a home.