Kingdom Hearts 3 details revealed

Square Enix has confirmed fresh gameplay details for Kingdom Hearts 3.

The game will now gain a brand-new world based on the Disney movie Tangled.

Showing off a brief trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3, we got a glimpse of some of theme’s key Disney characters.

Currently in development without a release date, the game will eventually launch on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Kingdom Hearts 3 was originally announced more than two years ago, and since then fans have been scouring the internet for more information.

Today’s trailer gave us a host of new teasers including some of the Titans from Hercules, a Pegasus summon with Sora riding in the back of the chariot, and Sora turning the key blade into both dual-wielded pistols and a double-bladed weapon.

Aside from the brief gameplay trailer, we didn’t hear much else about Kingdom Hearts 3.

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But, we did get confirmation that the iPhone and Android spin-off, Kingdom Hearts Unchained is coming to North America and Europe by the end of this summer.

The game is a hand-drawn mobile version of the game that links into the Kingdom Hearts 3 experience.

It was originally launched in Japan, but thankfully we’ll be able to experience the game later this year.