Kindle Fire Affecting iPad Sales

We have been waiting for almost two years now for a tablet

to come along which will impact on the dominance of the Apple iPad and it seems

as if the 7in Amazon Kindle Fire may be doing just that.

Morgan Keegan analyst, Tavis McCourt, has revised downwards

his projections for sales of the iPad in Apple’s first fiscal quarter of 2012,

which ended in December. McCourt now believes that only 13 million iPads were

sold in the quarter, down from his previous projection of 16m.

He also states that the Kindle Fire would have sold between

4-5m units over the festive season, which would have hit iPad sales by up to 2m

“at most.”

Apple iPad Sales

However, while iPad sales may be down, the iPhone continues

to sell well with McCourt upping his projections for the quarter from 27m to

29m. Macs continue to sell well according to the analyst, who has slightly realigned

his projection downward from 4.9m to 4.8m sales in the quarter.

“In sum, we believe December will turn out to be another

great quarter for Apple with share gains in Mac and iPhone product lines, and

continued strong growth in iPad, although slightly slower than we originally

anticipated,” he writes in a research note.

“We expect Apple to continue to show strong growth in fiscal

2012 with the success of a forthcoming iPad upgrade and continued sales of

iPhone 4S being the major determinants of what rate Apple can grow this year.

We expect iPhone 5 in fall 2012 to be a significant revenue and earnings growth

driver, and a potential Apple TV as upside to our model if it comes to fruition

this year. We do expect year-over-year growth to be somewhat more challenging in

March/June for Apple due to  tough

comparisons from fiscal 2011.”

Apple is planning an event in New York at the end of this month but we’re

not expecting any new hardware this early in the year but we should be seeing

the iPad 3 and iPhone 5 later this year.

Source: Forbes