This awesome feature is coming to Amazon’s entry-level Kindle

Amazons now venerable basic Kindle is getting Audible support in the coming months, allowing bleary-eyed book fans to give their eyes a rest.

In its latest listing for the basic Kindle, Amazon noted it’s bringing back audiobook support for the ebook reader.

“With built-in Audible, access the world’s largest library of audiobooks. Easily switch between reading and listening on Bluetooth-enabled speakers or headphones,” the company’s listing said.

This is good news for audiobook fans who don’t want to shell out for the higher-end Kindle models, notably the waterproof 7-inch display sporting Kindle Oasis.

The entry-level Kindle originally supported audiobook playback in 2007, when Amazon acquired Audible. But Amazon dropped the feature, demoting the Kindle back to a capable albeit basic ebook reader.

But now Amazon has done a complete circle and while there’s no set date for when audiobook support will come back to the basic Kindle, it’s at least slated for a return.

However, streaming and listening to audiobooks is more demanding on power than simply reading digital books, and the basic Kindle doesn’t have a vast battery pack. While it can provide weeks of simple ereader functions, listening to audiobooks especially through Bluetooth connected speakers, could see the Kindle battery drained at a much faster rate.

So while Audible’s some 375,000 audiobooks might appeal to people who want to give their eyes a rest from reading, the basic Kindle might not be the ideal device for the job; the Audible app on Android and iOS might offer a better way to get your audiobook fix.

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