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KFC’s Bluetooth Tray Typer is a chicken lover’s best friend

You just ate some tasty chicken, and now you want to tweet about it. Sure, why not? Unfortunately, your grubbers are coated in finger lickin’ grease, which makes handling a smartphone risky business.

Fortunately, KFC has solved this age-old dilemma by bundling a paper-thin, rechargeable Bluetooth keyboard with your meal – the KFC Tray Typer.

That way, you can poke and prod the keyboard-cum-placemat to type messages without having to smear your smartphone with poultry juices.

Despite the oddball implementation, the 0.4mm thick Tray Typer is undoubtedly impressive technology. This is a flat, wireless keyboard that can be charged up, and even rolled up too.

“KFC is fingerlickin’ good. But using your smartphone while enjoying KFC will leave a not so good fingerprint on your touchscreen,” explained Regis Watrisse, Digital Marketing Director at Serviceplan, the company behind the marketing promotion.

“That’s why we invented the KFC Tray Typer – a durable paper tray that transforms into a super-thin, rechargeable wireless keyboard when you connect your smartphone via Bluetooth.”

The Tray Typers were recently handed out to customers with every order during the opening week of new KFC restaurants.

Unfortunately, the promotion was only offered in Germany, and it appears that Tray Typers are no longer being given out.

There’s no word as to whether we’ll see the keyboards in the UK, but our grease-laden fingers are tightly crossed.