KFC’s $10,000 Internet Escape Pod is the worst Black Friday ‘deal’ around

With the chaos of Black Friday deals and Twitter’s increasingly toxic nature, sometimes it’s nice to just escape the online world – which is the aim of KFC’s Internet Escape Pod.

For $10,000 the fried chicken outlet will provide you with a tent constructed out of stainless steel mesh and high-density foam that keeps any gadgets within it from connecting to the internet; essentially it’s a sizeable Faraday cage with KFC branding.

A fake drumstick acts as a door handle to the Internet Escape Pod, while its roof is adorned with a disturbingly stretched and thin Colonel Sanders, sprawled across it in an embrace that resembles the facehuggers in Alien. The whole tent itself feels a bit like the stuff of nightmares with a good dollop of the creepy H.R Geiger design to it, though we doubt that was KFC’s intention.

Only one Internet Escape Pod currently exists, and at the time of writing hasn’t been sold yet. Presumably because many people fatigued with the internet simply switch of their smartphones and computers, rather than pay the equivalent of around 500 KFC Family Feast buckets for the privilege. You can check it out here, if you’ve got more money than sense.

That being said, we’re aware that simply shutting oneself off from the internet for a little bit of digital downtime is easier said than done, after all there are so many brunches that need to posting to Instagram, reviews that need to be called out for being ‘pro-Apple’, and social media arguments to be had.

If you don’t fancy an internet hiatus, then why not embrace the seasonal sales surge and check out some of the best Black Friday TV Friday deals we have rounded up for your shopping ease.

Do you ever shut yourself off from the internet? If so, embrace the irony and let us know online on Facebook or Twitter.

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