Kaptivo makes any whiteboard smart

Do you want to capture that brainstorming session for posterity? Maybe you want to revisit some of the ideas later and fine-tune them? Kaptivo is for you.

Strap it to the top of any whiteboard, and it’ll turn it into an online collaboration tool. In other words, your whiteboard becomes like a real-life Google Docs document, with everything on it able to be shared in real-time with colleagues working remotely, or sent out as a PDF document.

You can even rewind your whiteboard to see how an idea developed. Though sometimes some ideas are best forgotten.

It sends out a secure invitation via the app, so anyone you invited can access your whiteboard in real time.

So how does it work? It contains a digital camera with a processor, memory, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE. Algorithms analyse the scene in real-time and identify what’s written on the board. They also remove artefacts like people’s hands, and distortions like shadows and reflections.

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You can view the real-time collaboration through any browser with no need to download any software. Or you can view through the Android or iOS app.

It’s nearing its funding goal of $75,000 with four days still to go. It can be yours for $159 (£110) and if successful, will ship in August.


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