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KamiBot is a programmable robot made of paper

Robots are great fun, but wouldn’t you rather have one you build yourself? KamiBot is made of paper, so anyone can put it together.

You don’t need to be an origami master to do so either. The company behind it provides the paper craft templates online for free, so all you have to do is print them out and follow the instructions. You can mix and match paper parts too, personalising your robot. Or design your own using the simple templates.

Its body is fitted with a magnetic strip. Swapping parts in is as easy as unclipping from the magnet and adding in a new one.

You can then control it using your smartphone or tablet, thanks to its infrared sensors.

It’s plenty smart too. It can detect objects in front of it using ultrasound sensors, so it’ll never bump into anything. It lights up as well, so it can double as a nightlight.

It operates on the Arduino platform, which is open source and very simple to get to grips with. Fire up the Scratch programming language, and you’re off and running.

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The advantage of using paper is you can print it yourself and personalise it how you see fit. Plus it keeps the cost much lower than a metal ‘bot.

You can snap one up now for just $109 (£71) with the early bird. It’s raised $233, but has only been going a few hours. If it hits its $30,000 goal in 60 days, it’ll ship in March.