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Finally, there’s a reason to fully embrace the dawn of robot domination

If you live in Greenwich, London, this weekend’s take-out food could be delivered by an autonomous robot which rolls its way to your doorstep loaded with sweet-smelling goodness.

The Just Eat company, which enables users to receive deliveries from restaurants that may otherwise not bring food to them, is now using six-wheeled robots for last-mile delivery in the exclusive London borough.

Just Eat has been working with Starship Technologies, the makers of the robots, and has been testing the service since July.

Now the robots are in ‘active service’ and will begin rolling out in other parts of London from next year.

Unfortunately, Londoners can t yet request the ground-based drones as they’re assigned to user’s homes at random.

The idea seems to be that a driver in the area can send out a drone to complete one order while he deals with another.

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The company reckon this marks the first time a food delivery to be completed by an autonomous robot.

As Engadget points out though, this is not entirely true. Domino’s Pizza has been testing drone delivery in New Zealand, but this might well be a UK first.

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