Joost Gets Browser Based Rival

Similar features, extra convenience.

How have you been getting on with Joost? By any chance did you go “Wow!” then fail to use it ever again? Yep, thought so. Anyway, someone else thinks it can do the whole TV streaming thing much better…

It’s name is ‘WiTV’ (yes, I thought Nintendo would have had copyright covered too) and its sales pitch is very impressive indeed.

For a start, unlike Joost, the entire system is browser/xml based and there is no need to install any software which makes it far more accessible. Secondly, it streams in both standard and high definition and allows customised content to be downloaded – not just to a computer – but a whole section of devices including iPods, Apple TV, Windows based smartphones, mobile phones and games consoles.

On top of this is a remarkably polished Adobe Flash 8 based interface with interactive chat features that also allow Skype integration and the ability to send content onto other users or to save your viewing history. Perhaps most promising of all however is that WiTV is free and is supported instead by the use of occasional (reasonably) surreptitious transparent ads in the bottom left corner of the screen.

It isn’t all smooth sailing for WiTV however since it doesn’t yet have the wide array of content deals in place that Joost does and it also chooses to circumvent the usual P2P delivery method employed by Joost to go with a centralised server. This is fine in the short term, but if popularity builds quickly then the quality of the service could soon tail off.

The WiTV site has yet to go live but you can get those juices flowing further by watching a preview of it in action from the link below.

WiTV In Action

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