Here’s how much Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is worth after Black Friday

In a revelation that should surprise no one, the net worth of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has exceeded $100 billion.

Amidst the bargain-hunting throes of Black Friday ecstasy comes the news that the Amazon chief’s fortune has risen by an impressive $2.4 billion. The rise is largely being attributed to the predicted success of Amazon during the massive sales period – online purchases are already up 18.4% over last year, according to Adobe Analytics.

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This staggering milestone of wealth means that Bezos is the first billionaire to topple the $100 billion barrier since Microsoft founder Bill Gates managed it way back in 1999.

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index – which is the source of this news – Bezos’ fortune rose an incredible $32.6 billion this year alone. His net worth has been boosted by consistently rallying Amazon shares, which have jumped 5% this week alone.

Bezos will now likely find himself under increasing pressure to engage in further philanthropy. Unlike Bill Gates, who (along with his wife Melinda) has given away $35 billion since 1994, Bezos has yet to donate a significant share of his fortune.

It’s also worth noting that Bezos doesn’t actually have $100 billion of cash in the bank. His net worth – as defined by Bloomberg – is an estimate based on several factors, including the number of Amazon shares he owns and their current value.

Earlier this year, Bezos tweeted a request asking the public for ideas on how to better help people, so we could soon see a significant shift to Gates-style mega-philanthropy.

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