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Star Wars: Jedi Challenges turns to the Dark Side with new expansion and Kylo Ren lightsaber

How could you possibly improve upon Lenovo’s already fantastic Star Wars: Jedi Challenges augmented reality game? That’s easy, just give players a shiny new lighstaber and a taste of the dark side.

The Dark Side Expansion is expected to arrive this winter via a free update. Owners of Jedi Challenges will not only get access to new missions, but they’ll also be able to play as Kylo Ren and face off against various iconic Star Wars characters including Yoda and Rey.

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Those of you that really want to embrace the dark side can also buy the new limited-edition Lightsaber Controller that’s been modelled after Kylo Ren’s weapon of choice.

Kylo Ren’s limited-edition lightsaber will be fully compatible with the Jedi Challenges app and will be available to buy in the US this winter for $99.99. There’s no word on a UK price or release date just yet.

For anyone not familiar with the original Jedi Challenges, this augmented reality game sees you don the Lenovo Mirage headset and wield a replica lightsaber controller. Enemies will then be projected in front of you so you can take part in an epic Star Wars duel.

No computer or console is required to play – you only need your smartphone with the Jedi Challenges app installed.

Both expansion and controller were announced by Lenovo at the annual Tech Life event at IFA, along with new laptops and smart home devices. 

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