Japan Plans Super Hi-Vision TV For 2015

You call that an HDTV? That's an HDTV.

Its makers are calling it Super Hi-Vision, HD resolution scale its name is Ultra High Definition but I think I’m right in deciding to refer to the latest HDTV technology being put forward by those crazy Japanese folks as utterly insane. If you thought the 4096 x 2160 resolution of Panasonic’s 150in behemoth was mad enough then you’d be right and you’ll probably be even more aghast at the plans to have Japan running at 7,680 x 4,320 by 2015.

Of course what would a crazy resolution be without crazy audio to go with it? Well we’ll probably never know because along with Super Hi-Vision the Government is looking at piping 22.2 channel surround-sound to its TVs – and I thought we in the office were audiophiles. Inexplicably there are a few technical limitations to overcome before this is likely to become a reality, not least of which is how to transport the 24Gbps video stream. Yes; gigabits.

Also required is a camera capable of shooting the 33-megapixel cinematography which, again, is impossible with current technology. Luckily among those of us sharing in this vision (pun intended) of a crazy-high-resolution future is an unspecified individual at the Japanese Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry who has persuaded said body to fund R&D in this area to the tune of 300 million yen (a little over £1 million). Assuming funding remains year-on-year, and we aren’t all chilling out on our Holodecks by 2015, the time-scale may prove more realistic than one might think+.

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