iTunes UK Loads Up On HD Content

Rash of US and UK TV shows made available.

While iTunes UK/iTunes anywhere-outside-the-States tends to be the poor counterpart the US mainstay we proud pound plummeting Brits have gotten something of a High Definition boost today…

A flood of HD content has suddenly hit the uber popular online Store with 720p versions of US hits Battlestar Galactica, Dirty Sexy Money, Grey’s Anatomy, Lost, Ugly Betty, 30 Rock, The Office (US remake) and more. Closer to home, acne and (s)not so(/s) innocent nubile sexual tomfoolery never looked so sharp as Channel 4’s Skins also signs up along with the Beeb’s Planet Earth (is the mating process between wild animals and Britain’s teens really that different?).

Pricing is fairly reasonable varying between £1.99 and £2.49 per episode while seasons begin at £24.99 and rise up to £33.99 for shows with longer/more episodes. Naturally enough, all content is encoded in H.264 and while it won’t natively run on iPhones or iPods Apple does helpfully bundle standard definition versions with them for free.

Good news, but don’t expect iTunes rivals to be far behind…

iTunes HD TV (Warning: Will Open iTunes}

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