iTunes Match Comes To UK

Last night a

couple of reports emerged of iTunes Match, Apple’s cloud music storage

system,  going live in the UK and a

number of other countries around the world.

Tonight it seems

as if Apple if rolling it out for real, and having updated our iTunes to

version 10.5.2 we immediately saw the iTunes Match option appear in the left

hand menu.

Clicking on it

will bring you to an information page where it gives you the option to

Subscribe for £21.99 a year. The same service costs $25-a-year in the US. While we did proceed to the next step we didn’t go as far as to subscribe as, well, we didn’t want to.

Reports around

the internet suggest that the service has also come online in countries such

as New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, Ireland and Australia.

iTunes Match is a service which scans your iTunes library

and having recognized all the tracks will create a mirror collection in iTunes

in the cloud.

So all music bought from iTunes as well as music ripped from

CDs will be available to you wherever you go, in handy 256Kbps AAC, DRM-free

files. Any files not in the iTunes library of 20 million tracks can be uploaded


While there has been no

official word about the roll out from Apple, it seems as if this is for real. We want to hear from you if you have managed to get the service up and

running or if you will be signing up once you get updated to the latest version

of iTunes.