iTunes Beware: Spotify iPhone App Unveiled

Can we really see Apple allowing this...?

Ever since Spotify turned our musical world upside down last month we’ve had one silly, unrealistic dream… and now it has been manifested.

The first mobile app version of Spotify has today been unveiled on video running on the iPhone while Android and S60 editions are said to be in the works.

As the demo shows, the full functionality of Spotify is in there and while it is unknown (and highly unlikely) whether Apple will let it operate over 3G – where the company’s remarkable streaming technology would really come into its own – it is said to pre-cache tracks over WiFi.

Of course perhaps the bigger question in all this is whether Apple will allow the Spotify application at all. It has become more lenient in recent months allowing alternative mail and browser apps but allowing something which could heavily curtail iTunes purchases is another thing altogether. In fact, in this regard a Spotify mobile app could even test the liberal attitude of Android given the knock on for the integrated Amazon MP3 store, let alone networks themselves concerned at the drop off in sales from their own music portals.

One aspect which could prove crucial however is talk that only Spotify subscribers will be able to use the mobile app. This comes because of apparent difficulties in reliably delivering streaming mobile ads but if a proportion of the monthly fee could be agreed with the likes of Amazon and iTunes then loggerheads could be avoided.

After all, unlimited on-demand streaming content (both audio and video) is the future and in the long term even companies the size of Apple, Amazon, Google and Nokia won’t be able to stop it…

YouTube Video via Tech Digest

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