iTrip/Mini FM Transmitters Legal From Tomorrow

Slap on the back for Ofcom.

While my rant against the iTrip ban may have made me a cyber legend in my own lifetime I would have preferred it if common sense had prevailed in the first place. Well, now it has.

Following a (s)laborious(/s) thorough investigation into the supposed threat posed by the iTrip and other mini FM transmitters industry regulator Ofcom has been able to conclude something we knew all along: they’re about as dangerous as Pee-wee Herman in a straightjacket.

Consequently regulations will now be altered to fall inline with the European Commission (this was the one thing we ”didn’t” follow them on?!?!) meaning from tomorrow (8 December) these devices will be completely legal as they are in every other European/American/Asian/Australasian country.

Of course throwing a spanner into the works Ofcom has warned that there may still be an issue with importing mini FM transmitters from other countries since they must comply with the ‘ETSI standard’ and sport a CE compliancy mark. This isn’t a prerequisite for devices made outside Europe if they aren’t intended to be sold here.

Whether any of this makes much of difference to the public at large is debateable since iTrips and their various incarnations have been widely available on the Internet since day one and users weren’t exactly top of the police’s Most Wanted list. Still they’ll be appearing in shop stores next month which will be far more convenient for mothers, uncles and grandparents sent on shopping expeditions for Little Johnny’s Christmas present and that has to be a good thing. (WARNING! They’re naff in built-up areas)

Now if only the government would reverse some of the other stupid laws in this country though I do hope they keep the one which allows you to shoot a Welshman with a bow and arrow as long as it is inside the city walls and after midnight. After all, those city invading Welshmen are becoming something of a nuisance…


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