It’s official: The Tesla Model X is the safest SUV ever built

The Tesla Model X SUV has become the first car of its kind to win a perfect five-star, across-the-board safety rating from the US transport authorities.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has announced that the wing-doored vehicle notched a perfect rating in every test category and sub-category.

The NHTSA says the Model X has the lowest overall probability of injury of any car it has ever tested … expect for the Tesla Model S.

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So, if you’re unfortunate enough to crash your expensive Tesla Model X you’ve a 93% chance of walking away without serious injury. That’s good to know, right?

Here Tesla explains why it’s so much safer in a crash than its gas-powered rivals.

In a blog post, it wrote: “Model X performs so much better in a crash than gas-powered SUVs because of its all-electric architecture and powertrain design. The rigid, fortified battery pack that powers Model X is mounted beneath the floor of the vehicle creating a center of gravity so low that Model X has the lowest rollover probability of any SUV on the road. No other SUV has ever come close to meeting and exceeding this rollover requirement.”

The NHTSA even released a video of their efforts to smash up the Model X, which you can see below, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Earlier this year, a Tesla Model S driver walked away unscathed after plummeting 500ft down a cliff in California.

Are Tesla’s worth the expenditure for its safety ratings as much as its forward-thinking features? Share your thoughts in the comments below.