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Is the Surface Pro X a laptop or a tablet?

Microsoft has announced the Surface Pro X 2020, a new configuration option for the Arm-based convertible device.

But since the original device launched back in 2019, may have been confused by one question: is the Surface Pro X a laptop or a tablet?

Is the Surface Pro X a laptop or a tablet?

The Surface Pro X is a convertible, with Microsoft pitching this as a device that can be both a laptop and tablet.

However, Microsoft does not bundle the Type Cover in the box which means if you don’t buy the accessory, the Surface Pro X is essentially just a tablet with a built-in kickstand.

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It’s not quite that simple though, as the Surface Pro X runs on Windows 10 Home, which is typically only used by computers. This means the device is optimised for use with a keyboard, while Android tablets and Apple’s iPads are of course designed specifically for touch input.

This means that to get the best out of the Surface Pro X, it’s highly recommended that you purchase the separate keyboard accessory which costs an eyebrow-raising £129.99.

The new Surface Pro X costs a whopping £1549 without the Type Cover, although you can get the cheaper 2019 model for £999 instead. Still, that’s a very expensive package if you want the laptop experience.

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The Surface Pen is also sold separately, despite being suggested to be a key element of the Surface Pro X. The Surface Pen costs a pricey £99.99, meaning that buying both accessories and the new Surface Pro X will cost a staggeringly high £1778.98.

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