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Is Spotify down? Music streaming working again on iOS

UPDATE: It seems that the issue has been fixed and we can now get Spotify working again on our iOS devices. See the previous story below:

Spotify is down. It seems that the music streaming service isn’t currently working for some users, with its iOS apps currently completely unresponsive. 

Spotify’s iOS apps seem to be having problems at the minute, with the service crashing on all the iOS devices we tested it on it. This news has spread throughout Twitter and Spotify itself has responded. You can read the response below:

UPDATE: The Verge is reporting that other apps are affected too, including TikTok and Tinder, and that it might be a Facebook SDK problem. 

While the service seems to still be working on Android, the web and through Sonos streaming speakers, try to open the app on iOS and you’ll be thrown straight back to your homescreen. Hardly ideal when you want to listen to that crafted playlist while you’re working. Deleting the app and reinstalling or restarting the phone also doesn’t help the situation – we’ve tried both so you don’t have to.

We’ve tested this on a couple of various iOS devices – iPhone 11 Pro and iPad Pro 2020 – and both start up briefly, sometimes show a flash of the music library screen but then crash. This seems an odd issue, as its the app as a whole that isn’t working, rather than streams just not playing.

Try opening the app on Android and things work as normal and we’ve again tested this on a few different Android devices. You can also still listen via the web player and through connected speakers like Sonos.

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As the tweet above notes, Spotify seem to be aware of the issue and is currently investigating so we can only hope this will be a short outage and we’ll be back to the regular service very soon.