Is Netflix plotting ‘House of Cars’ Top Gear reboot?

Jeremy Clarkson et al might be joining automotive forces once again, but not on the BBC.

A new report claims Top Gear might be re-booted under a new name, courtesy of Netflix.

The Mirror says the video streaming service is currently drawing up deals with Clarkson, as well as co-stars Richard Hammond and James May, to re-launch Top Gear online.

The report details a ‘tug of war’ over Clarkson and his team between Netflix and the ITV.

Both companies are reportedly keen to snap up the trio, but a decision has yet to be made either way.

One source claimed an ITV deal would be unlikely however, saying: “The headache with ITV is going to be the potential conflicts of interest with advertisers.”

He continued: “What would they do if Jaguar or Volvo had a sponsorship deal but they wanted to berate its latest new car?”

Jeremy doesn’t like being told what to do. It could cause huge arguments,” the source ended.

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Top Gear would be a lucrative acquisition for Netflix, as the original show was watched in more than 100 countries, generating £50 million annually for BBC Worldwide.

The Top Gear Africa Special ranked as BBC iPlayer’s top show in 2013, bringing in around 3.4 million on-demand requests.

The BBC programme was axed earlier this year after a Top Gear producer suffered an ‘unprovoked physical and verbal attack’ at the hands of Clarkson.

Due to a BBC trademark, the Top Gear title can no longer be used if the show is rebooted elsewhere.

According to the report, a possible name has been cited as ‘House of Cars’, playing off Netflix political drama ‘House of Cards’.

This rumour was cited to a ‘pal’ of Clarkson, however, so we would take that one with a truckload of your finest sodium chloride.