iPods Moving to Mac OS X

Rumours flowing thick and fast, they must be on their way...

You know what all these recent rumours mean…

Yep, new iPods are just around the corner (September, is the general belief) and the latest talk from AppleInsider claims that the impending models will swap out the long-running Pixo based operating system and head on over to Mac OS X.

The iPhone-ish/Apple TV-ish move is certainly credible and AppleInsider claims it got the info from internal company sources, but approach it with whatever usual level of cynicism you like to adopt.

If true however it certainly looks like the 6G range is headed down the iPhone route (multi-touch, please) , while other reports that the nano will retain the clickwheel and adopt a more squat appearance suggests the two lines could be separating significantly. At a price premium?

Anyway, September inches ever closer so in four to six weeks we should know for certain. Finally, should all this not be enough to spell it out for you: If you’re planning on buying a new iPod HOLD OFF!

AppleInsider Article

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