iPlayer Lands On Xbox 360, Free Starting Today

The iPlayer has finally arrived on the Xbox 360, bringing free streaming video direct to your console.

Belatedly following in the footsteps of the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii, the app will be rolling out to Xbox consoles in the UK from today, though expect it to possibly take a day or two for the update to arrive, as the release filters through the system.

The new app is similar in style to the updated version now available on some TVs and the PS3, with a much simplified and streamlined (some might say dumbed down) interface.

iPlayer for Xbox 360

Unique to the Xbox 360, though, is support for Kinect. So, you can control the app using either your voice or by waving your hands around – come on, you know you want to. Examples include shouting “HD on” to switch to a higher quality stream, while you can also skip through to a particular point of a programme by virtually dragging the icon across the screen and pulling you arm down to confirm the start point.

Although HD playback is supported, you can’t download programmes for later viewing, and radio isn’t supported either.

Thankfully, though, there’s little cause for complaint as, unlike many Xbox Live services, you don’t have to pay a penny for the iPlayer app – good old Auntie Beeb. The cost is already wrapped up in our license fee, which is also why it’s UK only at the moment.

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