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2018 iPhone X Plus could borrow a trick from the iPad

The largest of the 2018 iPhone models will act a little more like the iPad, judging by new findings dug up from the iOS 12 beta.

The 6.5-inch OLED iPhone X Plus – thought to be the highest end of this year’s expected trio – will operate in landscape mode within a few more of the stock apps. This implies Apple will treat this release like other ‘Plus’ phones in the range, meaning it’ll be possible to make more use of that extra screen real estate with an iPad-like interface for the Contacts app, for example.

This would enable names to appear on the left side of the display, while tapping them would reveal the contact details on the right. The same goes for the Calendar, Messages, Mail and Stocks apps, judging by data uncovered by Brazilian site iHelpBR and reported by Mac Rumours.

Image credit: iHelpBR

These features are available in the 7 Plus and 8 Plus handsets, but not in the iPhone X, despite it having a larger screen than either of them.

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The site was able to discover the evidence by using a the new iOS 12 betas and Xcode’s iOS Simulator in order to run iOS at the rumoured resolution of the 6.5-inch screen. From here it noted the interface change to show the tabs across a number of stock apps.