Is iPhone X Face ID racist? Apple criticised as feature easily bypassed

Apple’s new facial recognition feature has been accused of ‘creator bias’ following reports a Chinese woman’s work colleague was easily able to unlock her iPhone X.

The experience of the woman, who was able to repeat the flaw on two different iPhone X models, has cast doubt on Apple’s security claims.

In the run up to launch Apple claimed a random person has a ‘1 in a million’ chance of unlocking a user’s iPhone X.

Related: What is Face ID? reports (via IBTimes) the Nanjing woman brought the phone to her local Apple Store in order to demonstrate the issue, and was given a new phone.

Sure enough, the next day, she was able to repeat the feat and was informed she could have a refund.

The two womens’ looks are not entirely dissimilar, but you certainly wouldn’t peg them as twins. That’s led to racism claims on social media.

Twitter user @BienSure_JeTaime argued: “Devices can’t be biased, but if the creators don’t account for their own biases it shows up”.

What was all that one in a million talk?

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard reports of an iPhone X being easily fooled by non-white users. Shortly after the phone’s release, Sana Sherwan’s iPhone X was repeatedly unlocked by her ten year-old son.

Interestingly, there have been no reports of caucasian iPhone X users struggling with the Face ID. However, that isn’t to say it hasn’t happened.

Apple is yet to comment on these reports.

Do you think features like Face ID showcases ‘creator bias’? Or is the incident in China the ‘one in a million’ occurrence Apple claimed was possible? Drop us a line @TrustedReviews on Twitter.

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