The first iPhone X knock-off is here and it’s £80 worth of 2014

Apple’s iPhone X hasn’t even been released and there’s already a Chinese-made Android knock-off of Cupertino’s flagship available for a mere £92/£80. 

The Goophone Phone X apes the design of the iPhone X with 5.5-inch display that covers the entire front of the handset, with the exception of a rectangular cutout in the top of the screen containing a front-facing camera.

Around the back is a vertical mounted dual camera module that again steals the design and layout from the iPhone X. One major difference is the Goophone Phone X sports a 3,5mm headphone jack, something Apple did away with in the iPhone 7.

Undercutting the iPhone X by around $900, means the Phone X comes with a few compromises in its specifications; it has tech more commonly found in smartphones from 2014 not 2017.

The display for example has a 720p resolution in comparison to the iPhone X’s 2436 x 1125 Super Retina OLED display. And the cameras are almost laughable, with a 2MP front snapper and 8MP lenses in the rear camera module.

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Beneath the hood, the Phone X comes with a MTK 6580 quad-core chipset paired with 1GB or RAM; on-board storage comes in 8GB and 16GB, but this appears to be expandable to 64GB. The battery weighs in at 2,100mAh and charging comes courtesy of a micro USB port. These are hardly specs to rival even the recent mid-range smartphones let alone the iPhone X.

The Phone X also comes running Android 5.0 Lolliop out of the box, an operating system three generations old; we’d hazard a guess and say it’s not on the list to receive Android 8.0 Oreo.

And then we come to connectivity, which is made up of Bluetooth 3.0, 802.11 B/G Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G, and something called ‘fake 4G LTE’; we suspect that may be a spec lost in translation but means to say no 4G is available.

Not a lot can be expected from a phone costing around £80, but there is a whole host of affordable Android smartphones in the market, offering better specs than the Phone X and less likely to incur the wrath of Apple’s lawyers.

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