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iPhone user? Here’s how many times you unlock each day

If you’re an iPhone owner, Apple knows exactly how many times you unlock your phone each day – and now we have a good idea too.

According to Apple, an average user will unlock their device around 80 times each day.

This statistic was first revealed during Apple’s closed conference call last week, but only revealed yesterday by industry analyst Ben Bajarin.

Previous estimates have put average daily phone unlocks at anywhere from 50 to 110, but this is data direct from Apple, which means it is likely to be very accurate.

The company also revealed that 89% of customers use the fingerprint-scanning Touch ID feature on their compatible iPhones and iPads.

Touch ID was first introduced to Apple devices with the iPhone 5S in 2013, with a faster, second-generation version launched in September, 2015.

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Since 2013, fingerprint scanners have become a commonplace feature in mid- to high-end Android smartphones, and are generally seen to be one of the best security methods for enabling contactless mobile payments.

Apple’s own Apple Pay service utilises Touch ID, and Google introduced dedicated support for fingerprint scanners in last year’s Android 6.0 Marshmallow release.

Do you think you unlock your phone more or less than 80 times each day? Let us know in the comments.